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Who we are!

Welcome to Space.

Space is a brand I have created after mixing up design ideas in my head all my life.  I created an idea and a direction I am inspired to follow.  It is very exciting to finally produce physical product to share with the world, and I hope you enjoy owning and wearing it as much as I do creating it.

The design will be anything and everything, infinite in all direction... such is space itself.  However I will bring an overall theme or feel to each season of product, which will be a numbered ‘Series’.  You can expect inspiration from anywhere, including: BMX, sneakers, comedy, video games, paintball, sci-fi, sports, television and movies, animals, fashion, music, childhood, art, or even food.

I don't expect everyone to be into everything I do, but I hope many of you will be interested in some of it, and support that if you’d like.  Buy a shirt, rock a sticker, or tell a friend... either way I appreciate it.

- Stephan Mays  (aka ‘Slodogg’)